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Prioritize what customers value. Make better decisions

Who we are


Our mission is to help companies prioritize what customers value to make better business decisions. 

Who we are


Our vision is to create a more empathetic world by helping organizations discover and improve their worth through listening to and understanding everyone, everywhere.

Who we are

Our story

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2015, Worthix is a SaaS company headquartered in Atlanta. It is now present in the USA, Mexico, and Brazil, with dozens of leading companies as clients in 10+ countries.

Worthix has been widely recognized as a high-potential company; In 2016 selected by 500 Startups (one of the best accelerators in the world), in 2017 was selected as a Signature Company at ATDC-Georgia Tech, and in 2019 the founder became an Endeavor entrepreneur.

About the founder

Guilherme Cerqueira

He is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in marketing research, and a member of multiple accelerators and associations, such as 500 Startups, ATDC, ESOMAR, and Endeavor.

Guilherme majored in psychology at PUC-RJ (Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro). He also holds degrees and certifications from renowned international institutions such as ENSEAD, Stanford, and Harvard Business School.