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Help You Keep Your Customers.

Available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and many other languages.

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Imagine if science could help you drive your customers to buy more, stay longer and recommend your business.

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Think about it: Before every positive customer decision, there's a “Yes, it's worth it!” conclusion.

It's so powerful that when it happens, even if the product is expensive, people buy it.

“Worthix  gives you the power to drive customers to positive decisions by pinpointing what is behind their “Yes it's worth it” conclusion.”


Available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and many other languages

How it works

Let the unique algorithms in Worthix qualify the top influencers of your customers’ decisions.

Access its auto-analyzed reports packed with valuable insights.

Eight Questions Only


Reports and Benchmark

Specialists took years to develop this algorithmically-generated survey that your customers will take only two minutes to answer.

It’s the precision of econometric science, cognitive systems and machine learning working for you.

What it delivers

Scientific tests have proven that Worthix explains with a 92% confidence level what is leading customers to a “Yes, it’s Worth it” conclusion.

Let Science Show You How To Keep Your Customers.


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"It's the most sophisticated and easy to understand methodology that I've ever used. The insights on how to improve customer experience are unprecedented."

Rafael Albuquerque [Zoox Internet]

"Worthix is more than a survey and it's also more than a tool. It's like having a market research consultant in a box."

Mary Drumond [Advance Languages]

Are my products and services worth it?

Estimate the number of customers willing to make a positive decision about your business because they think it’s worth it. Measure your customer decision score.

What are the top influencers of the “Yes it's worth it” conclusion?

Rank of the most relevant customer decision influencers and the scores you got on each one of them. (Quality, Relationship, Brand, Social Status and Price)

What can I do to improve?

Analyzed feedback giving improvement insights for the main customer decision influencers.

Example: If brand identification is a relevant influencer, where should I invest to improve my customer’s positive brand perception?

What is my price perception?

Customer price perceptions when compared with your competitors.

Who is taking my customers?

Competitors in your customer’s top of mind list.

How do I compare with my competitors?

Industry comparison of your customer decision and top influencer scores.
(anonymous average benchmark)

What if I improve this or that?

Simulate how the variations of each influencer will affect the number of customers saying “Yes it’s worth it!” to your products or services in the future.

Some customers of the creators of Worthix

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Worthix is free for up to 300 respondents.

Worthix is free for up to 300 respondents.

Worthix is free for up to 300 respondents.

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