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Survey with Artificial Intelligence

See your company from your customers' eyes

No need to design questionnaires

Worthix's survey uses real time answers to suggest questions based on what customers want to talk about. No more biases and skewed insights.

Higher response rates

Each respondent will only participate in eight questions and conclude the survey in two minutes only.

Self-adaptive questionnaire

Use Worthix for any product or service and stop spending hours designing and updating multiple questionnaires.

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Keep up with your customers' speed of change

Traditional customer surveys are static and can’t capture constant changes in customer’s expectations. Worthix artificial intelligence captures insights based on your customers' individual needs as they change.

Actionable insights backed by science

Share CX goals among your teams and give them the power to track the direct impact of their work in your customers perceptions and decisions.

Discover the power of worthix's Artificial intelligence

Quantitative and qualitative

Worthix results combine metrics, scores and advanced econometrics with actionable insights coming straight from the voice of your customer

CX progress and benchmarks

Track and compare the customer experience variations of different products, regions, and key moments of your customer journey.

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Measure the “why” behind buying decisions

What's in it for your business?