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What's in it for your business?

Measure the “why” behind buying decisions

“Yes, it’s Worth it” 

This is the last and most powerful conclusion people come to before making decisions. Worthix is the science behind that decision making process.

Improve Products and Services

Prioritize experiences and the core expectations of your customers with scientific precision.

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Test Your Customers' Price Sensitivity

Uncover how price sensitive your customers really are and increase your margins accordingly.

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Uncover The Best and Worst of Your Customers' Journey

Tactically improve key moments of your customer's journey and always be more worth it than your competition.

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Boost NPS® and CSAT Results

Increase your NPS and CSAT scores and get a clear understanding of its fluctuations.

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Beat Your Competitions' Value Proposition

Find out how your strengths and weaknesses stack up against your competition.

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Measure the Decision

Identify decision drivers motivating your customers to chose your business.

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Predict Sales, Churn, and Loyalty

Correlate our CX scores with your most important financial metrics and stay ahead of what's next.

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The Power Behind Worthix

Learn More About Our A.I. Survey 

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