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Predict Sales, Avoid Churn, And Increase Loyalty

Correlate our CX scores with your most important financial metrics and stay ahead of what's next.

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Actionable Insights Backed By Science

We back up our claims. The Worthix Score mathematically correlates with your sales, churn and loyalty metrics. By monitoring the increase and decrease of the Worthix Score, we are able to predict the possible fluctuation of these metrics.    

Aside from its main score (the Worth Index), Worthix also creates a second and a third layer of sub-scores that are closely related to the daily routines of your different teams.

Since these scores have a direct impact on your Worth index you can share them and empower your team with actionable insights while giving them a sense of how their work is contributing directly or indirectly with your customer’s experiences and choices.

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Measure What Your Customers are Thinking

Worthix Artificial Intelligence goes beyond customer insight by foreseeing your bottom line. 

Worthix evaluates customers’ perspectives on your current value proposition and their future expectations of the market. This information will help you stay relevant in the aspects that matter most to your consumer base, thus increasing sales and reducing churn. 

Add a metric that can keep up with the speed of change and predict what's the next big thing in the market.

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