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Measure Customer Decisions

What good is having satisfied customers if they’re leaving you for the competition?

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Be Chosen. Be Worth It. 

There isn't a single metric on the market other than Worthix that measures customer decisions.  

Everyone is measuring emotions and how they link to satisfaction and recommendation potential, but the decision is when the money flows, and no one is giving that moment the proper attention.

Our survey is scientifically designed to identify why your customers buy, measuring the drivers that have the most impact on their decisions and motivate them to say, "Yes, it's worth it." 

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Satisfied Customers,

Dying Business.

Many Fortune 500 companies with satisfied customers are losing market share. Blackberry, Nokia, Kodak, and others were dying while still registering high Customers Satisfaction scores.

But what good is having satisfied customers if they're leaving you for the competition?

All these companies had satisfied customers, but an outdated value proposition. Their downfall was that customers' expectations had changed due to market innovations, and it was no longer worth it to remain loyal to an outdated offer, like QWERTY keyboards and analog film.

Worthix asks the right questions to get relevant answers. Our questionnaires aren't stuck in yesterday's value proposition. Our technology changes with the customer, keeping up with their speed of change. 

No more dying and leaving your satisfied customers behind. 

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