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Voice of Customer Survey



Identify your customers' decision drivers with a two minute VoC survey!

Worthix's Voice of Customer Survey allows you to tap into your customers' decision-making process. Pinpoint the drivers that have the strongest impact on your customers and increase your worth.

Motivate customers to choose YOU every time. Discover and boost the experiences that will generate positive decisions.

  • Listen to the Voice of your Customer
  • Identify the CX drivers that make you “worth it” to your customers
  • Boost those experiences in order to compensate for price increase

Worthix Survey

Worthix uses real time answers to suggest questions based on what customers want to talk about in a survey that takes only two minutes. Both your results and analyses are delivered to you on a clear, user-friendly dashboard.   

AI Analytics

Worthix AI pinpoints, with scientific precision, why your customers are making their decisions and suggests accurate insights for improvement. This highly actionable data is key to reducing churn and increasing loyalty. 


The Worth Index is a KPI calculated from the voice of your customers which measures decisions. It has the power to indicate why people buy. And this gives you the power to identify and boost the experiences they love throughout their journey.

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