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Boost NPS® and CSAT Results

Worthix has the power to improve traditional customer experience metrics

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Explain NPS® and CSAT Fluctuations

No more scratching your head trying to figure out how to improve the NPS and CSAT scores that your bonus is depending on.

Worthix determines exactly which experiences should be prioritize in order to boost scores. It also creates a second and a third layer of sub-scores that are closely related to the individual tasks of each department. 

This allows executives to develop metric-based, interdepartmental strategies that the entire company can follow. This gives each individual a clear picture of how their work is contributing directly or indirectly to customer experiences and choices. 

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Going Beyond NPS and CSAT

Worthix can identify if the customer experience delivered by a company is aligned with their customers' current expectations and allow a better understanding of:

  • The decision making process of your customers
  • Top of mind competitors 
  • Opportunities for improvement throughout the customer journey

This gives companies the power to evaluate whether their value propositions are the most "worth it"  to customers, despite their emotions,  satisfaction, effort, and recommendation.

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