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Worthix Customer Experience KPI

A decision-based CX metric correlated with churn, loyalty and revenue

Measuring Behavior and Decisions

Traditional methodologies such as NPS and CSAT may do a good job measuring customer emotions, but they ignore the most important moment: the decision to buy or not. 

Our KPI is based on behavior science, analytics, and social psychology. Breakthrough advancements in A.I. technology now allow us to deep dive into customers' responses, pinpointing the decision drivers behind buying and churn behavior.

The Worth Index monitors the cost-benefit considerations that play in our heads before we make a decision, determining which drivers weigh the most on our choices.

By boosting the most impactful drivers, companies can increase the perception of worth customers have of their brand so they're always the first choice.      

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Going Beyond NPS and CSAT

Worthix can identify if the customer experience delivered by a company is aligned with their customers' current expectations and allow a better understanding of:

  • The decision making process of your customers
  • Top of mind competitors 
  • Opportunities for improvement throughout the customer journey

This gives companies the power to evaluate whether their value propositions are the most "worth it"  to customers, despite their emotions,  satisfaction, effort, and recommendation.

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