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Beat Your Competition's Value Proposition

Find out how your strengths and weaknesses stack up against your competition

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Stay Ahead by Knowing How Your Competitors Perform

Measure how your Worthix Score stacks up against your main competitors by using the Worthix Benchmark. See who is leading the pack and set goals your entire team can get behind.   

Use Worthix algorithms to simulate how and where you need to improve in order to catch up to your competitors or set aggressive goals that keep you in the lead.

Our questionnaires aren't stuck in yesterday's value proposition. Our Artificial Intelligence technology enables them to change with the customer, keeping up with their speed of change. 

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Use Analytics to Take Down the Competition

Worthix analytics pinpoint and categorize the exact experiences throughout your customers' journey that drive purchases and the ones that cause churn.

Our dashboard gives you a side-by-side comparison of your competition allowing you to tactically chose your next move.  

This gives decision-makers the confidence to invest in all the right places, boosting loyalty and overtaking your competition.  

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