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Worthix Self-adaptive Survey

Never design a questionnaire again. Self-adaptive smart surveys built with artificial intelligence

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The First Truly Customer Centric Survey 

Worthix questionnaires have been scientifically pre-designed for each market segment. This is a guaranteed bias free survey that allows customers' to freely talk about what matters most to them and provides companies with a one-of-a-kind outside in view of the company.

By allowing Artificial Intelligence to serve up questions according to respondents' behavior, we have created the first truly customer centric survey that preserves the integral voice of your customers

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Evergreen, Self-adaptive Questions That Keep Up With The Speed of Change

Within large enterprises with massive ongoing CEM projects and numerous touch-points, survey updating is a deep market pain that Worthix can solve.

Our evergreen, auto-adaptive questions don't require updates since they continuously modulate according to customer responses.

Surveys not only stay relevant, they also monitor the constantly changing customer expectations regarding value proposition and identify top-of-mind competitiors. 

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