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Worthix Artificial Intelligence

Use technology to focus on what matters most:

The Voice of Your Customer

Keep Up With The Speed of Change

The future is now. Technology and innovation are causing the market to change at unprecedented speed.

There are countless enterprises that have been left behind in the past decade because they failed to update their value propositions in time. Entire industries have disappeared off the map, giving way to the rise of Ubers, Airbnbs and Cryptocurrencies.

Don't get left behind. Use the power of A.I. technology to help your company keep up with the speed of change

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What Worthix A.I. Brings to The Table

A.I. has challenged the modus operandi of numerous industries, and it has finally come to Market Research.

Worthix Surveys built with A.I. have already solved numerous pains of the market. 

  • No need to design questionnaires. They can be pre-designed for each market segment. 
  • No bias. Companies cannot meddle with questions, thus preserving 100% Voice of the Customer.
  • Questionnaires tailored to individual responses, making sure customers only answer questions that are relevant to them.  
  • Shorter surveys which increase qualified response rates. 
  • Ever-green questions that remain relevant despite market changes.
The market has already changed. Have you?


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