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Guilherme Cerqueira Market Research Professional, ESOMAR member, with +15 years of experience managing +800 projects with large enterprises helping them understand the correlation between customer experiences and business results. Among his customers we can highlight international corporations such as 3M, Nextel, IBM, Chevron, Praxair Inc., Essilor, Petrobrás, Siemens, TAM, LAN, Hamburg Sud, C&A, VIVO Telecom, TIM Telecom and many others.





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On the other hand, we have companies with dreadful customer satisfaction that have increased profits year after year through new customers. Think about it: how many services or products do you maintain while not being entirely satisfied and/or would not recommend to family and friends? Why is it that despite your dissatisfaction, you continue to subscribe or use that product or service with no plans of cancelling in the near future?

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Increase Sales and Reduce Churn by Improving What Really Matters To Your Customers

Customer Experience Machine Framework - An easy way to understand how companies and customers are using different languages to dialog.


Let’s start by using a customer survey with a metric that matters.

Over the past decade, quite a few companies have closed their doors or lost a significant percentage of customers even though they maintain high customer satisfaction or NPS results. As an easy reference we can mention Nokia, BlackBerry, Kodak, Sony and other heavy-weight brands. In fact, if we were to look at the Fortune 500 list from the year 2000, we would see that at least 50% of the top companies are no longer on the list despite being renowned for high customer satisfaction levels. 

Now, I’m not saying that it’s not important to have satisfied customers, in fact; the more, the merrier! it’s one less concern and one more leverage point against competition.

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#01 - Why Satisfaction or Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys can’t explain customer decisions.

#02 - How the experiences your company delivers are affecting your revenue.

#03 - Why you should focus your surveys on products and services instead of your brand or company.

#04 - The importance of identifying your customer personas to create truly engaging experiences.

#05 - The best moments to survey your customers.

#06 - How to compare customer feedback gathered in different points of your customer journey.

#07 - What the best methodology is to effectively access what is behind customer decisions through surveys.

#08 - How to easily analyze customer feedback without being a data scientist.

#09 - The best way to share your insights throughout your organization.

#10 - How to engage co-workers from different areas to effectively improve customer experiences.

#11 - How to build a customer experience machine that will consistently increase your company’s results.

However, my experience and research has shown that the most powerful influencer before every decision is the customer’s answer to one simple question: “Is it worth it?” The “satisfaction factor”, while hailed as the most important of all conclusions, is in fact only one of the countless influencers that your customers consider while trying to answer this question.

When your customers consider that something is worth it, it means they are willing to pay the necessary price and put in the effort needed to access whichever benefits are on the table. This explains why people are willing to buy overpriced goods or continue with services with which they are not entirely satisfied. The last and most powerful customer conclusion before any purchase or loyalty decision is whether or not “it’s worth it”. In fact, this is true for almost every decision made throughout our lives.

Therefore, as a Customer Experience professional, your first and foremost goal is to continuously lead your customers to believe that it is more worth it to do business with your company than with any other company on the market. This means that instead of spending energy leading customers to the “I’m satisfied” conclusion, you should focus on prioritizing experiences which are powerful enough to lead them to the “Yes, it’s worth it” conclusion.

If in the meantime you are able to simultaneously keep customer satisfaction high, you’ll be unstoppable; sales will skyrocket, competitors will panic and your business will be virtually indestructible. However, don’t forget that even satisfied customers will abandon ship if your offer is no longer worth it to them and you will sink.

The “Yes, it’s worth it” conclusion is the single determining factor that brings money into your business.

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